About The Artist

Clare is a ceramic artist based in the Yellowstone River Valley of South Central Montana.

On the horizon just north of Clare's home lies the long ridge-line of sand stone cliffs that hug the braided Yellowstone river. The crumbling layers of the sandstone cliffs tell a geologic story of a much more ancient river that once flowed through the now fertile mixed grass prairie and croplands. Just a few hundred years ago, the river valley served as a migration corridor for massive herds of Rocky Mountain Elk that traveled from high to lowlands through the seasons. The original place name of the Yellowstone River is translated as the "Elk River." Ecology and natural history are sources of inspiration that Clare uses to create her ceramic works. Over the past 10 years of living in Montana, Clare has spent as much time as she could outdoors getting to know the landscapes of this beautiful state. 

Clare grew up on Baranof Island in the town of Sitka, Alaska. She spent her formative years hiking mountains, fishing with her family, and working with state and tribal entities monitoring the health of salmon fisheries. She began working with clay in Sitka as a young teen and kept up the practice where ever she could before building her own studio in 2021. Clare graduated from the University of Montana in 2017 and has since worked in resource management and food system development alongside pursing her art. 

Elk River Clay as a passion project to nurture her creativity with clay and  to create useful objects for homes and kitchens. Clare deeply values having a hand in growing, harvesting and cooking her food from scratch. She crafts functional wares that she wants to use in her kitchen everyday and hopes others will connect with their aesthetic and utility.

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